Frequently Asked Questions in the UK

What's your approach to photography?

I like to refer to myself as soft-hearted. I am sentimental and feelings-based and my work reflects that. I look for the moments of true and honest connection, love, tenderness and turn those little moments into art. I believe so deeply in creating work that genuinely reflects the way you are together that the experience of working with me is very candid and hands off. I like to create an environment where you can move freely, chat, laugh, be yourselves.
I give you a little prompting (walk over here, talk about ____) but nothing is more beautiful than witnessing love simply as it arises.
My goal is to make you feel safe and free and joyful.
My goal is for you to walk away feeling like you've just had a really brilliant time together.

Where are you based in the UK?

I am currently based in Glasgow (in UK) and I absolutely love to travel! If you want me to capture your day all the travel prices are included - no hidden costs at all. Let's make this happen!

What if it rains?

Weather is half the adventure!
Some of the most impactful images come from embracing the wildness of our natural world.
So if it rains we put on our raincoats and just go for it!

When will we get our photos?

I always aim to have your images with you as quickly as possible while still taking the care and attention required to edit them to my high standard. I'll send you a small sneak peek within the week and your full gallery may take up to eight weeks. Once you receive your gallery you can download all the photos and share them, as well as order your prints right from the gallery!

Do you offer albums?

YES! I partner with the most amazing album supplier and I have a whole guide I can send you on all the options available. I can talk you through my recommendations and help you get the best result for a special keepsake.

What happens if you get sick?

Don't worry... I don't get sick. Or... at least, I've not had to ask for cover yet! But in the case that I do need to find cover I am apart of a wonderful and talented community of photographers who would be eager to help out. And of course, I would still do all the editing so your images will still have the same feel about them.