I'm Caitlin (she/her pronouns) and last year I eloped with my husband.

My husband (Ste) and I always knew we would elope. It was just something that felt right for us. We don't like being the centre of attention, we love Scotland and the Scottish landscapes, and most of all we were craving a ceremony with intimacy and space to be vulnerable (I won't lie - I am totally a crier). We've always done things our own way and eloping is an act of a wild heart. I know it is such an unbelievable honour to be able to tell the story of these incredibly magical days with my camera and the fact I get to connect with other wild hearts in the process... what a bonus.

This business is so much more than just a business to me - it represents my way of life. It's my art. I hold an honest belief that very few things are as special as capturing a real, raw moment and being able to hold it, to print it, to cherish it. Photography is like a clear window into a moment in time when all the memories around it are fogged up. My aim is to help you keep those beautiful little pieces of time a bit closer, a bit clearer, a little bit warmer.

So some more about me... I'm vegan, I love Vegemite on toast (you can take the girl out of Australia...), I'm a mama to one very sweet toddler, I'm an avid podcast listener (the range is broad from Glennon Doyle to Toni and Ryan to Serial - it's all in there) and whenever I get a smidge of time to myself I like to paint with watercolour.

Most importantly my core value is that everyone is valuable and worthy and build this business and walk through the world with that value front and centre. I believe in fat liberation, dismantling the patriarchy, that Black lives matter, that gender is a construct, in equity for disabilities and that queer folk make this world a better and more interesting place. This business will always be a safe space for everyone.

**Photo credits for above: wedding photos by One Of These Days Photography (edited by me)