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All you want is to feel relaxed and at ease on your elopement day - to feel comfortable around the small number of people you are actually allowing in. You want to have an elopement where you can take every moment in, go at your own pace, appreciate the incredible scenery and each other. You're just looking forward to having a day that will celebrate (in your own way) your love and the journey you've been on together.

You know you want a photographer who makes you feel at ease and is also able to capture your whole day with authenticity. Someone who returns a gallery back to you that feels exactly how it was and still managed to get all the amazing scenery in.

And, honestly, you deserve all of that. Your love story deserves to be told in a way that feels truthful and honours the joy of your day.

If this is you - you have found the right photographer!

1 / 5

1 / 5


"On the day, despite a named storm, she arrived determined and enthusiastic to see out our vision! It was lovely spending the day with her, it didn’t feel like we were being photographed at all as the process was natural and relaxed. And as for the photographs, we couldn’t be happier with them! "

Drew + Cal

1 / 5


"Caitlin was the best investment in joy we could have possibly made for our wedding.

Every single photo (all 800+ of them) is beautiful and thoughtful and more than we could have hoped to expect. "

Gen + Amelia

1 / 5


"Caitlin was a joy to work with and her documentary style was exactly the relaxed experience we wanted on our day."

Caitlin + Lewis

1 / 5


"...On the day she made us feel so relaxed and happy in front of the camera. The photos are absolutely beautiful, she captured all the special moments, with great attention to detail."

Isabela + Mark

1 / 5


"Caitlin I hope you know you have me sat outside my work in floods of tears. They are the most perfect pictures I've ever seen. Thank you so so much."

Brittany + Scott

At the end of 2024 my family and I are moving to Sunshine Coast, Australia!

This means for the remainder of 2024 I'm available for booking in the UK.

From 2025 onwards I'll be available to book across Australia for elopements, weddings and family sessions.

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Hi, I’m Caitlin!

I'm a pineapple on pizza, autumn loving, sitcom obsessed (don't make me write an essay about Monica is the lead character of Friends - I'll do it) kinda human. If you're ever looking for me on a Sunday evening you'll find me curled up on the couch watching Great Pottery Throw Down with my love.

What I really adore in this life is making every person feel seen, safe and confident in front of the camera. I am body positive, queer friendly, anti-racist and generally believe in inclusivity for all. And aside from being a massive feminist I'm just a lover of all living things which is why I'm a vegan and work every day towards doing my bit for the environment.

You can learn more about me here.