Corrina and Freya were such a special couple to photograph. They got married in August, 2022, with the hot summer sun beating down. They were both unbelievably relaxed brides just excited to get the day happening. They kept their plans simple - registrar's office for the ceremony and their favourite restaurant (and mine!) for a relaxed and intimate reception with their small number of guests.

Corrina was lucky to have a few good friends get ready with her in her hotel room. Her friends gifted her a photo album and helped her with all the finishing touches of her outfit.

Freya was getting ready right next door with her close friend who struggled to keep the tears back.

Just before the ceremony the pair did a first look so they could walk in together. The look on their faces when they saw each other was actually priceless. They both kept saying to each other 'oh, you look so beautiful'. First looks can be perfect for taking the edge off any nerves you have and a chance to share a quiet moment together before you do this massive thing together. For Corrina + Freya it did both. The ceremony was special too - people often don't realise how personal you can make a registry office wedding. Their ceremony also included a hand-fasting which is just the most lovely Scottish tradition.

After the ceremony and the group photos the pair and I peeled away to get some photos in Kelvingrove Park. We started at the top of the park next to a monument which is where Corrina first told Freya she loved her. It was a beautiful day - warm and sunny - as we went around the park running, playing, dancing. These two bring so much joy and warmth when they are together it so special to capture them.

They finished the day at Mono where they cut a sweet little chocolate cake and ate and drank with their close family and friends. That's where I left them - giggling with their friends waiting for food to come.

It was such an honour to be apart of their day.

Getting Ready


Couples Portraits

Cake Cut